Monday, February 29, 2016

A path for healing part 3

If you're just now catching this blog post, it's part 3 so you should probably go back and read part 1 & 2, but maybe you'll find what I'm sharing helpful...

Part 3:  The supernatural effects on the human soul

Sin affects us - so do likes, unforgiveness, participating with things of the occult and even things passed down from family members.  The question is how do they affect us and how can we recognize it.  I'll explain this by giving some real life examples.

Example 1.  When John was 6, his neighbor taught him sexual things.  He didn't tell his parents about it because he was embarrassed and didn't think it was a big deal.  This set a sexual curiosity in John.  he began to want to look at pornographic pictures and struggled with sexual sin, lust and even pornography.  By high school, John just thought that he was just a sexual person and his actions were completely natural for a typical high school guy.  He even went on to forget what happened when he was just 6 years old.

Example 2.  Jamie's grandparents were alcoholics.  Her mom grew up in a home with a lot of anger due to the alcoholism and control issues.  Growing up, her mom became very rebellious due to the control issues and often stayed at friend's houses because she never wanted to be home.  As she raised Jame, she too exhibited control issues, was always very short with Jamie, and didn't give her the freedom to learn things on her own.

Example 3.  When Jennifer was 10, her friends convinced her that she was ugly.  Every time she got dressed, she was overly worried about the clothes she wore because she didn't want to be ugly.  She constantly felt judged and constantly heard in her head "you're ugly".  She always wore an excessive amount of makeup and for a while she constantly looked in the mirror to make sure she didn't have any food in her teeth, or anything wrong with her skin.  In high school, she thought she was gaining too much wait and developed an eating disorder.

These issues are quite common and different people experience them at different levels and with different expressions.  In example 1, the door to sexual sin began with a sexual encounter at the age of 6.  In example 2, inclination to some sins are passed through the family.  Sometimes they are direct alcoholism to alcoholism while others are indirect like alcoholism affecting our emotional stability in ways other than to repeat the same behavior.  In the example 3, the girl is cursed - yes an actual curse.  It's possible for us to curse someone without the intent of cursing them - but by saying hurtful things to others, we may potentially open the door to a lifelong wound if it's not cared for.

These wounds sit in us - they fester if we fail to deal with them.  They turn into lifelong grievances, resentment, anger, rage and other forms of torment and oppression.  If you believe in the supernatural, then you may understand the concept of spirits.  They can attack us at any moment - whispering lies to us - telling us we aren't good enough - telling us we will never get past our pain.  They  tempt us, they call to us and we hear their voice so clear it's almost part of us.  In fact, we often believe that it's just how we are made - who we are.  In reality, these things are not of God and are only trying to harm us.  The GOOD NEWS - is God ALWAYS conquers evil!  Simply by calling upon the name of Jesus, evil is crushed!

Where are your wounds?  What areas need healing?  In the next blog post, I'll teach a prayer style that helped me and continues to help me grow into a healthier spiritual person.

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