Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Hipster Catholic Collage

I recently ran across a funny blog post about "Top 5 signs you're a hipster Catholic" and got a good laugh.  My good friend Edmund Mitchell has a sweet site called "Reverb Culture" which includes some great hipster pics, blogs, etc. and I'd like to give him the credit for this cool idea that struck me -

A Hipster Catholic Collage! 

This picture really caught my attention- it hit me as something I connect with, and I wanted to make something similar to put on my wall. 
So - while making my own picture collage, I thought.... wow!  This is an awesome idea for families, teachers, or anyone trying to teach, or just admire your favorite Catholic stuff! 

So I went online, printed out some cool art I found, got a $25 frame, and stuck them on there and BAM!  I got this cool hipster Catholic collage to put on my wall! 

SO - HOW CAN YOU USE  THIS????? Here are 6 ideas...

1.  Put saints in there - for a family, you can tell the story of a saint each day with your kid, or you could cover one in a classroom as a teacher.

2.  Put A Catholic item in there - devotionals like the rosary, bibles, crucifix, scapulars, metals, items used in the mass, a picture of an ambry.  Pick one each day and introduce it. If there is a prayer style to go along with it, then you could teach that prayer - novenas, stations of the cross, angelus, etc. 

3.  Picture of a scriptural story.  My son loves the books with 4-5 different stories.  He picks a new one each night and has a chance to form his favorites.  This would essentially be one of those story books but with a picture and no words except for your own.

4.  Doctrine - fruits or gifts of the Spirit, 10 commandments, beatitudes, 12 apostles and about 1000 other things that could be pictured in order to teach or help them remember something. 

5.  For older kids, use it as a family or class project to research, let your kids pick out the pictures, and put it together, talking about things the whole time. 

6.  Life of Jesus - Use the stations of the Cross, the decades of the rosary, or any good ol Jesus moment. 

If you want a mix of all of them, go for it, or come up with something new, and post your ideas in the comments for others to use.  This is a GREAT teaching tool, art, and costs mostly your time in picking out pictures, printing them out, and putting it together. 

Have fun with it! 

DISCLAIMER - for those that aren't Catholic, you probably see lots of talk of what seems like "idols" (Saints, devotions, and other weird stuff you're not familiar with).  I'd like to reassure you, that Catholics do NOT worship Mary, the saints, statues, or anything else.  Mary and the Saints are part of the family of Jesus Christ, and just like we all have pictures of our family members both living and no longer with us in our homes, Catholics often have pictures of our family of Jesus Christ - people that were incredible examples of we can know, love and serve our Lord Jesus Christ despite our challenges of sin and death.  Salvation only comes through Jesus Christ and He alone is our Savior and he alone do we worship. 

DISCLAIMER 2 - Do not make these and sell them unless you pay for the rights for the photos.... 

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