Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Christmas Reflection

Last night, I was reading to you 4 year old from his bible.  We were on the story of Zacchaeus and I was trying to figure out how it related to Christmas.  Zacchaeus was a public sinner and everyone knew it.  Like most of us, we hide from our sin, we hate our sin being seen and it usually encourages us to run away from Jesus and the church.  We aren't ready to change or even acknowledge we need to change. This is where the story of Zacchaeus is helpful.  Unworthy, he climbed the tree to see Jesus better.  He could have just stood in the back, and wished he was closer. He could have been content with being where he was and thought whatever he was doing was "good enough" but instead made an extraordinary effort to make himself truly present.

It takes more than us going through the motions... It takes more than just being a part of the crowd.  A relationship and a dramatic change of heart takes our active participation.  If we are empty, and think that a faith in Jesus is nonsense, or if you have been going through the motion for years and haven't "felt" anything, it's not time to give up, but to make the extra effort.

When Jesus came to the town of Nazareth, he couldn't work the miracles he could in other places.  Not because His lack of power but the people's lack of faith.  Because of free will, God doesn't force himself on us.  Instead, we are required the faith, the desire and make the effort for change.

Wherever you are in your faith journey.... Atheist, bored, complacent, angry, hurt, or happy... Spend a moment reflecting, and having a real and honest conversation with God about your struggle, your hope, and ask the lord to creat a little Christmas miracle.  Reflect on who you need to forgive, places you need mercy and who you could show mercy to.  When Jesus comes, be ready to let him enter your heart, your home, your relationships, your thoughts and your messes.  It does require your participation and effort. The star will be rising soon.  Are you prepared to follow it?  Will you just be content gazing from a distance, or will you make the journey that requires effort and interruption?

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